Back to life…

April 13, 2017


My kids have both left home.

Not only have they left home, they’ve left the continent.

Not only have the left the continent; they chose different continents to live on.

Is this a reflection on how they feel about me as a mother, and him, as their father?

I would like to think not.  I would like to think it is a reflection on how we brought them up.

Brave, and adventurous, eager to see what is out there.  Keen to try new places, and meet new people.

Both of them are braver than me or their dad could ever be – and I like to think that is because when they were growing up- if we ever came across something which scared them, we would act brave, tell them, “it’s not scary, it’s an adventure”.

They made me braver than I thought I could be.